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The purpose of the Volunteer Project is to create and set a Volunteer Services Program at ODV that is aimed at providing support for our patients and their families.

The program will be managed and implemented by the Social Worker, as he/she is the supervisor of ODV volunteers, Human Resources Manager and the Nursing Manager.

To provide practical, compassionate and social support for patients and their families.

To become a leader in providing innovative and effective volunteer services committed to improve the well-being of patients.

The Volunteer Program was established at ODV, to bring life-blood to our patients and their families, as they are donating their time and energy to make a difference in the lives of others.

  • To create a “philosophy of giving” by promoting volunteering as a powerful force for change, both for volunteers and for the wider community.
  • To carry out all volunteer programs in an efficient, simple, convenient and safe manner for our volunteers and our patients.
  • To create life-time committed volunteers by providing each volunteer with a rewarding experience and making sure their time is utilized efficiently and according to their interests.
  • To clearly define the expectations and requirements of the volunteer program and the volunteers in advance of all volunteer projects.
  • To ensure that our volunteers are treated with the respect they deserve, i.e. as partners and as integral members of ODV family.
  • To provide volunteer opportunities for a wide range of age groups; both teenagers and adults.
  • To recognize each volunteer for his/her efforts and contributions to the success of our program and continuously get their feedback and the volunteer experience for continuous improvement.
  • To provide the skills, knowledge and training that will enhance the volunteer’s understanding of ODV’s mission and vision.
  • To ensure all necessary resources are available to implement and expand the volunteer project in the future.

Documents used for this Policy:

Document Name
  • Volunteer Application Form
  • Volunteer Reference Form
  • Volunteer Evaluation Form (For Training)
  • Volunteer Evaluation Form (For Orientation)
  • Volunteer Evaluation Form (For Supervisor)
  • HR F/027
  • HR F/028
  • HR F/029
  • HR F/030
  • HR F/031